A Christian Chop Session on Critical Race Theory: Part 3

Contextual Note to Our Readers: This is our third chop session on Critical Race Theory. For session one, see HERE or HERE. For session two, see HERE or HERE.

Prelude: Why Chop Session Three is on Robin DiAngelo

Conjunto: We ended our first chop session promising to discuss some of our favorite CRT works in the next chop session. But since publishing that piece, many have voiced their surprise about our not mentioning Ibram X. Kendi or Robin DiAngelo in a session answering the question, “What is CRT?” Because this series es para el pueblo—“for the people”—we’ve decided to change course and use chop sessions two and three to explain why Kendi and DiAngelo did not appear in our first post, and why, apart from those sessions, they’re unlikely to appear in the rest of the series.

This chop session is on DiAngelo. The previous one was on Kendi. Enjoy!

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From Patheological: “The Dangers of Mediating Ideas: A Conversation with Bradly Mason”

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I had a great conversation with Todd Littleton over on his podcast, Patheological!

We broached Critical Race Theory, the difficulties surrounding having these discussions in the Church, I believe there was a Robin DiAngelo rant, a friendly critique of Tim Keller and his apologetic method, some salty words about the Western liberal tradition, and more. Have a listen and let me know what you think!

 Link: “The Dangers of Mediating Ideas: A Conversation with Bradly Mason

More to come!

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