A Christian Chop Session on Critical Race Theory: Part 1


Prelude: Our Aim

As fears of Critical Race Theory (CRT) spread across the United States—including within US churches—many of us find the common descriptions of CRT unrecognizable. What is CRT, really? Dr. Nathan Cartagena and I, Bradly Mason, have developed this series of dialogs, or “chop sessions,” to answer this and related questions. Our goal is fourfold: (1) accurately present CRT, situating it in the movement’s historical context; (2) relate CRT to our shared faith; (3) explore CRT’s impact on our own lives within our own differing social locations; and (4) help other brothers and sisters interact honestly and redemptively in our deeply racialized and stratified culture. ¡Bendiciones en Cristo!

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From Patheological: “Can Two Walk Together? More with Bradly Mason on CRT”

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In my latest discussion with Dr. Todd Littleton on Patheological, we take a deep dive into the social construction of race thesis, our specific national history of racial construction, and what it means for our understanding of racism today, including systemic and institutional racism, differential racialization, intersectionality, etc. We hope that by understanding the nature of “race” itself, as a social, historical, and political entity, we can find common ground to examine the larger social implications.

Let us know what you think! We’d appreciate any feedback, including critique, to help us cover the topics and questions most on listeners’ minds.

Link to audio: “Can Two Walk Together? More with Bradly Mason on CRT

And if you need to catch up:

Link to Part 1: “The Dangers of Mediating Ideas: A Conversation with Bradly Mason

Link to Part 2: “When the Law Does Not Deliver: A Conversation with Bradly Mason

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From Patheological: “When the Law Does Not Deliver: A Conversation with Bradly Mason”

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I had another great conversation with Todd Littleton over on his podcast, Patheological!

We kicked off with a discussion Derrick Bell, “Serving Two Masters,” and Civil Rights retrenchment, discussed the beginnings and impetus of Critical Race Theory, our blindness to our own social philosophies, the importance of the social construction of race thesis, and even what makes events like George Floyd’s murder decidedly racial. Make sure to catch the whole episode!

Link to both audio and video: “When the Law Does Not Deliver: A Conversation with Bradly Mason

More to come!

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